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Personal projects

Airbnb's homepage

UX audit – Airbnb

I conducted a UX audit of a user journey on Airbnb’s website.  I used Nielsen’s heuristics and broke the user journey into 12 steps.

This was a solo UX project that I wanted to do for fun as well as for learning. Feel free check out my analysis grids, in English and in French.

I even wrote an article about my favourite UX bits of Airbnb’s platform.

Bloom's logo and baseline: A soothing mobile game about a turtle growing up.


Bloom is a 2D mobile game focused on mindfulness and helping people relax. I have been building it with Unity and C#, a software and a language I’m using for the first time.

Since it’s a solo project, I take care of the UX, game design, game development, branding, and marketing. I’m also lucky to get the help of an illustrator friend who designs custom icons and animations for Bloom.

I’ve conducted 8 user tests so far, with participants from France, Spain, Portugal, Russia and Lebanon. This project is currently on hold, as the programming part takes me too much time. I would need someone else to take care of it for me.  Find out more about Bloom.

A screenshot of my maze game (Python CLI game)

Maze game – CLI in Python

While learning to program in Python, I used my knowledge to make some CLI (command-line interface) games.

I made a maze game with a robot, represented by the letter X, who had to get out of the maze. The game asks users what movement they want to make: the direction and the number of squares. Here, ‘n2’ means ‘North, 2 squares’. Players can choose between several maps to play, and they can save a game and resume it later. See the GitHub page.

A screenshot of my hangman game (Python CLI game)

Hangman game – CLI in Python

I made this hangman game, where users have 8 rounds to find a word among a list I created. When they find the correct word, they earn as many points as the number of unused rounds. The game remembers the players’ names and displays the scores at the beginning of each game. See the GitHub page.

Homepage of the mobile game Bubble Time

Bubble Time

This project is a ReactJS mobile game made during the 48-hour ReactRiot hackaton. I teamed up with my SO for this challenge.

The idea came to us with bubblewrap. Bubbles are piling up and you need to pop them fast enough so that they don’t reach the top of your board. Just like with bubblewrap, some bubbles are more difficult than others to pop, you’ll need to be tenacious. However, beware of the pink bubbles! You shouldn’t touch them if you want to survive.

We thought of the concept together with my teammate, but my specific role was to design the app. Since we had little time, I drew the wireframes on paper and I conceived the final screens (UX and UI) using Photoshop. Play the game.