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Homepage of Ferpection


Ferpection hired me to work with a worldwide energy player of +150K employees. I conducted 7 interviews of exploratory research with high-ranked managers of various BUs. I provided an analysis and a report on their feedback culture across the group.

English (translation)

Very good experience, precision, thoroughness, and deadline compliance!

M.P., Lead Customer Success Manager

French (original)

Très bonne expérience, rigueur, sérieux et respect des délais !

M.P., Lead Customer Success Manager

Homepage of Daskit


I did a UX audit of 2 user journeys on Daskit’s platform. I provided Daskit with a report and actionable recommendations.

English (translation)

As part of a UX audit of a section of our application, Chloé seized the application very quickly, by putting herself in the user’s shoes and by empathetically picturing herself in the use cases. Thanks to her expertise, Chloé managed to methodically note many specific areas for improvement, as we hoped she would. Perfect communication – Chloé asks a lot of relevant questions that build trust before the gigs even starts, to avoid potential misunderstandings and to check the gig’s scope and deliverability. Progress report emails. Chloé made sure to stick to the deadline. Clear, concise, and rather actionable deliverables for an audit. Thank you Chloé!


French (original)

Dans le cadre d’un audit UX de partie de notre application, Chloé s’est approprié très vite l’application, en se mettant dans la peau de l’utilisateur et en se projetant avec empathie sur les scénarios d’utilisation. Grâce à son expertise, Chloé a pu méthodiquement relever beaucoup de points d’amélioration précis tel que nous l’espérions. Parfaite communication – Chloé pose beaucoup de questions pertinentes qui inspirent confiance avant même le début de la mission pour éviter des possibles quiproquos et s’assurer du scope de la mission et de sa deliverability. Mails de reporting sur l’avancement du projet. Chloé s’est assuré de tenir les délais fixés. Livrables clairs, concis et plutôt actionnables pour un audit. Merci Chloé !


Homepage of one of the websites I designed for this client

Les Hôtels (Très) Particuliers

Product Manager in charge of 4 websites (some creations and some redesigns). My role involved a lot of UX responsibilities, such as competitive analysis, sitemaps and wireframing. Topics included institutional and e-commerce websites, as well as B2C and B2B targets. I worked hand in hand with the General Manager for Digital Acquisition & User Experience, as well as the CTO.

English (translation)

Very good collaboration on digital project management. Pleasant agility and significant work capacity.

R.O., Technical Lead

French (original)

Très bonne collaboration sur la conduite de projet digital. Belle agilité et capacité de travail importante.

R.O., Responsable Technique

Homepage of the AccorHotels website


As a Project Manager, I was responsible for 48 user tests conducted in 4 countries (France, Germany, Australia and Brazil). I coordinated internal and external teams, including the design agency and the testing agency. I also did prototyping with InVision, and I reviewed the testing protocols. Additionally, I worked on a B2B marketplace, where I did QA and CMS configuration.

English (translation)

Chloé managed large-scale international user tests across 4 countries as part of a strategic redesign with great commitment, great professionalism, and great mood. Chloé vigorously coordinated our feature team and 3 service providers – design agency, testing agency, translation agency – in English to ensure excellent testing conditions in a tight planning. Chloé also abundantly contributed to improving our testing methodology by offering us high-quality feedback.

L.C., Design Lead

French (original)

Chloé a assuré avec beaucoup d’implication, de professionnalisme et de bonne humeur la conduite de tests utilisateurs internationaux d’envergure sur 4 pays dans le cadre d’un projet de refonte stratégique. Chloé a coordonné avec brio en anglais notre feature team et 3 prestataires – agence de design, agence de tests, agence de traduction – pour assurer d’excellentes conditions de tests dans un planning serré. Chloé à par ailleurs abondamment contribué à faire progresser notre méthodologie de tests en nous offrant un retour d’expérience de grande qualité.

L.C., Design Manager

Homepage of Cheval de Troie's website

Cheval de Troie

I was Cheval de Troie’s Project Manager, where I managed the creative and technical teams (6 people). I was in charge of taking the clients’ brief, providing quotes and scheduling, managing the team and following-up on everything. We carried out the design and development of websites, apps, and interactive terminals. Our clients include AccorHotels, BETC, MOM Group, Center Parcs, Pierre & Vacances, La Poste and the Centre des Monuments Nationaux.

English (translation)

Chloé was our project manager for one year. She was responsible of managing all of the projects, customer relations, and supervision of the design and development teams. Chloé is very thorough, she knows her job well with a good strategic vision and good technical knowledge. The clients as well as the whole team liked her a lot. She is very trustworthy, and her intransigence is very comforting, we know that the projects are in good hands.

S.D., Studio Owner

French (original)

Chloé a travaillé un an chez nous en tant que chef de projet. Elle était responsable de la gestion de l’ensemble des projets, de la relation client et de l’encadrement des équipes créa et dev. Chloé est très rigoureuse, connait bien son métier avec une bonne vision stratégique et de bonnes connaissances techniques. Les clients l’appréciaient beaucoup, ainsi que l’ensemble de l’équipe. Elle est très fiable, et son intransigeance est très rassurante, on sait que les projets sont entre de bonnes mains.

S.D., Gérante du Studio

Homepage of Black Pizza's website

Black Pizza

As a Project Manager, I was in charge of follow-up with clients, sub-contractors and internal teams, as well as QA. During my time at Black Pizza, we crafted websites for Lezilus, Illustrissimo, Before Bar and Birdy Nam Nam. I also redacted internal best practices for newsletters and social networks.